Self Portrait….

I always look best secondhand reflection…….


Photo Challenge Submission


24 Responses to “Self Portrait….”

  1. soonie2 Says:


  2. Lisa@Advent's Adventures Says:

    I love it! Your beautiful! I’m going to play.🙂

  3. Sharon Says:

    * Like *

  4. krista Says:


  5. only a movie Says:


  6. Gary Bender Says:

    Very nice…and reflective!

  7. Kim Ayres Says:

    That’s because we’re used to seeing our faces in reverse. No one has a perfectly symmetrical face, so there are differences when the image is flipped. And we’re all more comfortable with what’s familiar. I give talks sometimes on portraiture, and I’ll put up a picture of the Mona Lisa in reverse next to her the right way round and ask the audience which they prefer. 95% always prefer her the right way round. This is why everyone else always looks fine in photos, but we always feel that we never do. The best way to see if a photo of you is any good is to look at it in the mirror – and if it looks fine, then it will look fine to everyone else the right way round🙂

  8. Krlr Says:

    Gorgeous lady!

  9. DCLphotography Says:

    Love the lighting….and the snowing on your site! Very cool!

  10. ellen stimson Says:

    So happy to have this image of you. It is the one I will keep when I read your words. Beautiful.
    And Happy New Year Star..May 2013 be filled with lots of joys and only a few little manageable sadnesses to highlight all the good bits

  11. Sharon Says:

    I miss you when you’re not here. Life is busy I know. Happy new year ~

  12. ellen stimson Says:

    Okay Star it’s been too long. What’s going on in your world?

  13. Heather Says:

    This photo of you really is breathtaking. The lighting is what stuns me at first, but you are truly beautiful. :):)

  14. michaelwatsonvt Says:

    I agree! Fine photo!
    Thanks for following my blog!

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